Willows Dental and Implant Practice

IV sedation?: Yes
Inhalation Sedation?: Yes
Treating Dentist Name: Dr David Lee, Dr Janet Burthem and Louise Ennis Dental Therapist.
Intranasal Sedation: No
Oral Premed: No
Hypno therapy?: Yes
Other Therapy?: Yes
STAC approved supervisor?: No

Willows Dental is located in the city of St Asaph along the North Wales coast. We provide comprehensive and state-of-the-art professional dental services in a friendly, modern and relaxed environment.

We have always been a forward-thinking practice, and continue to endeavour to provide the latest proven techniques for the benefit of you, our patient.

Our philosophy at Willows Dental is to look much further than your teeth and gums. Through detailed consultation we do everything we can to make sure that you get the result that you want. And our team of highly qualified dentists, dental therapist/hygienist and dental nurses is dedicated to provide first-class quality treatment.

Our aim is to give you complete confidence in your smile and the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have a high standard of dental health in the long term.

We have been an amalgam and mercury-free practice for over 12 years.

During treatments from simple to complex you can be assured that by being a patient of Willows Dental, you will receive the very best treatment from an experienced, empathetic and friendly staff.

Contact Information
Phone: 01745585000