Shelling Peas

by Revd Mike Endicott

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Chapter 1

Miracles in the Morning

A description of a recent morning seminar in Texas. Description starts with the powerful story of the miraculous straightening of a bent steel rod inside a bent leg.

Gaining rapport with audience.

My conversations with the 300 strong audience comparing ineptitude of healing ministry today with reliability of same 2000 years ago.

Further healing miracles at the end of the meeting, a brain tumour and two ladies losing their sight.

One lady jumps up and asks the perennial dreaded question, “If God heals then why hasn’t he healed you?”

I climb back on the stage and take a deep breath.

4300 words


Chapter 2

Rock racing

Standing on that stage, sorting through a range of reasons why I am still blind.

Going briefly back over my life and how blindness has affected it.

Describing the joys of my sighted youth and the desperations of going blind in my teens.

Having a career in Car Industry and then potential loss of everything through blindness.

Becoming a Christian, describing my Damascus road experience

Going into ministry

4900 words


Chapter 3


Deciding on ordination as a stop gap in case anything went wrong with my career.

Going through the process of selection for training for ordination in the Anglican church.

Hopes raised and dashed.

No job, no future. Very low.

3000 words


Chapter 4

Into the well

Finding a clergy friend wandering the shopping centre in despair

Latching onto his frustrations and moving on, determined to go into ministry anyway.

Working in prayer ministry in an old rural schoolhouse with canal rats under floor.

Moving to a Methodist school hall with a large transfer of Postman Pat on south facing window, disintegrating from the sun’s heat. Not healing!

Finding what would become the well Centre, a derelict chapel.

Getting to work on its restoration.

The suffering begin to come.

The search begins for ordained leadership of the mission

4800 words


Chapter 5


Meetings with bishop to discuss sought for leadership

His request to Ordain me and the consequent shock.

My search to justify ordination in my own mind

The service and the party afterwards.

People begin to notice a change of atmosphere at the Well.

2600 words


Chapter 6

Off to Bardsey

My annual retreat to a small island in the Irish sea

Short colourful descriptions of the island and relevant bits of island life.

Leaning on farmhouse walls in the morning sunshine listening to the skylarks

Discovering god’s will to replicate his healing ministry and why that might differ from the church’s ministry today

Calling to replicate the ministry that Jesus taught the apostles.

Consequential forward looking to a ministry with results in New Testament proportions.

Thoughtful examinations of our mental models of Jesus and how difficult it is to trust.

4600 words


Chapter 7


The wife of a team member dies of cancer despite our throwing at her everything the church knows about healing. That is, everything we had learned.

My anger at the funeral

My dissatisfaction with ineffective ministry and my prayers to surrender it.

“The church doesn’t do it very well, Lord. How did you do it?”

Immediate reply through God’s demonstrations of healing miracles at a conference at levels not seen before.

Descriptions of some of them.

Our elation and bewilderment at what had happened.

4000 words


Chapter 8

Taking Risks

Revisiting the river estuary of my teenage years in a revealing vision of ministry which began to show us what had happened.

Vision is of watering riverside plants by hand to stop them dying in the heat of the day.

A passer-by lending me a speedboat and the wake swamps every plant on both banks.

Lessons learned from that vision.

Then actually revisiting that estuary with a Guide Dog and how is behaviour, linked with that of Joshua’s priests crossing the river Jordan, was showing us to take enormous risks with our understanding of God’s intentions for the world through Jesus.

4600 words


Chapter 9

The woman and the Dragon

Chapter begins with a description of an on-going Taster Day ministry at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, and how God uses the ministry on that occasion, and on many others, to do spontaneous healing in the congregation.

Other examples of spontaneous healing described when the restoring news of the cross is being spoken.

Everything seems to be going wonderfully for us.

Then I have a massive heart attack.

Dead heart muscle healed by prayer but not tubes. By-pass operation follows.

Post op complications healed through the spiritual ministry of a visiting Christian nurse.

I return to teaching kingdom dynamics and describe stroke paralysis victim miraculously restored in front of medical staff, a common sort of event on one of our courses.

4500 words


Chapter 10

South Africa

Begins with uncomfortable description of night flight to Johannesburg.

This invitation results from a south African Minister coming on a course we run in Wales.

I proclaim the restoring news of the kingdom and the cross as part of a ministry that replicates Jesus’ healing ministry.

Clergyman overcome and invites us to say the same things in S.A.

Description of that event and of a number of the miraculous healings, spontaneous and ministered, that took place there.

Some testimonies of those receiving healing.

A very different flight home!

4200 words


Chapter 11

Back Home again

This chapter is a detailed description of my observations of a healing service taken in a north country parish church.

We see a cold, wet and blustery day outside in contrast to the Glory of god within.

A detailed description is given of six people who came to me and my prayer partner for ministry and the miraculous healing that came to all of them.

Chapter closes with a letter from a minister who took the teaching on board and of the healing services that followed in his church.

Final comment describes in outline our travels to USA, Canada, South Africa and the Middle East to continue encouraging churches into kingdom ministry.