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“Breakthrough DVD: Healing flows again from the Well”

An insight into the work of Mike Endicott and his Team at Jacob’s Well

A revival of healing in the U.K.

The extraordinary documentary account of an ever-expanding group of dedicated Christians who are rediscovering the power of the Cross of Christ to heal the sick and injured in New Testament proportions. “All we do is preach the Good news of Jesus Christ in such a way that the Holy Spirit generously co-operates with free-flowing healing miracles and other wonderful events which Glorify God and lead his people into a more abundant and everlasting life. It’s so exciting to watch illness fall away as the Kingdom of God comes near…” “We can’t change the world but the Jesus inside us can change everything!” says Mike Endicott, Leader of The Order of Jacob’s Well.



CD: “Moses and his bunch of sticks” by Revd Mike Endicott scripture readings by Graham Fry

The cross of Christ is the most powerful symbol of the Christian Church. It was just a pair of big sticks, but within its message lies the power of god. Moses used sticks to help his followers in battle, adversity, personal need and sickness. He also demonstrated the future power of the cross to do exactly the same. On this audio CD, Mike Leads us through the stories of Moses adventures with pieces of wood and in so doing, reveals the wonders of the cross and its message today

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