Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

“Mike Endicott is a wonderfully gifted expositor of what Christian healing means. A brilliantly lively communicator of the gospel, he never speaks without bringing something exciting and fresh to our understanding. I happily acknowledge my own debt to him as a teacher, colleague and friend, and I’m delighted that his ministry is reaching more and more people”.

Rt Revd Dominic walker, Bishop of Monmouth, Wales, UK

“I am happy to commend this Course and the insights it provides into the ministry of healing.
Jesus was himself a healer who came to bring healing for the whole creation.  He commanded his followers to ‘Heal the sick’ because healing is one of the signs of God’s Kingdom being established in our midst.
This Course comes out of years of experience, thoughtfulness and openness to God’s word; above all it is practical, clearly presented and Kingdom-focussed.”

Rt Revd Maurice M. Benitez, Bishop of Texas , Retired
“Fifty years ago, I was introduced to Spiritual Healing through two very remarkable women,  Agnes Sanford and Emily Gardener Neal.
Their teaching and bold witness completely changed my approach to pastoral ministry and prayer, and compelled me to try to obey what Jesus said in the Bible about the subject.
However, I recently attended  a Healing Conference led by The Revd Mike Endicott, who is incredibly gifted in Spiritual Healing. I shall be grateful for the rest of my life that I attended that Conference.  He taught me something that I did not know: for  years, I have prayed fervently, even pleaded, for  healing miracles. That was not wrong, just not enough.
Mike Endicott reminded us that whenever Jesus  sent his followers out to lay hands on the sick, for them to be healed, He in the same breath,  called for his followers  to proclaim the Gospel . Yes,  I have been   preaching the Gospel from the pulpit on Sundays, but it was separate from my praying for the sick
Mike  taught me to  always  set healing prayers for people in the context of proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, such as beginning prayers for the sick by praying, “Jesus came into the world and died on the Cross for our salvation, which includes making us whole, and healing us to God’s Glory!”
That kind of prayer glorifies God , and creates expectancy in one and all. I  just wish I had met Mike Endicott fifty years ago.”

The Venerable Larry Mitchell, North American Director, International Order of St Luke the Physician. 

“I am so enthused about the In His footsteps course and the results that I have seen with my own eyes, and I am excited at the thought of learning more!”

Revd Trevor Hudson, Methodist Minister (South Africa), international Bible teacher. 
“The teaching in this Course is down-to-earth, challenging and grace-filled, helping us more than any other resource I know to step into the river of God’s healing grace.”