Questions on the way

A comprehensive series of questions and answers about Kingdom Healing.

Download the series as a ZIP file of documents. Questions answered include:

Are we just tourists in the world of the miraculous

Can I intercede by suffering for others

could God be delaying his healing

do we have to get ill to die

Does god heal minds as well as bodies

Does god still heal today

Does God use suffering as a megaphone to gain our attention and to teach us things that we do not learn when life is going well

does healing always have to seem instantaneous

how should we pray for healing

I believe for others but not so well for myself

If I get ill again

is not death a great healer

where do I get the faith to see healing

which of us has to have the faith to see the healing

whose fault is it that I am not healed after prayer

Why does healing seem to happen more in places like Africa

Why is our faith

Why is so much prayer apparently not answered

Why should we rely on God